Liquid Mix Agitators Inc. is an organization recognized and respected for it's fluid processing equipment.

Our innovation in designing and diversity in manufacturing allows us to extend our services to all custom projects often working with and satisfying tight deadlines without compromising quality and safety.

LiquidMix Agitators has established its presence in major segments of the Chemical, Water and Waste water treatment, Plastics, Resins, Petrochemicals, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceuticals and Food industries.

Customers look to Liquidmix for their commitment to quality, service and timely response in supplying fluid process equipment and custom fabrication projects. read more...
Featured Products
» Side Entry Mixers
» Top Entry Gear Drive Mixers
» Portable Mixers
» Throttle Bushings
» Lantern Rings
» Shut-off Seal Rings
» Packing Rings
» Impellers
» Shafts
» Shaft Sleeves
» Packing Gland
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